Thank you for agreeing to complete this questionnaire which is asking for your views on the current provision of pharmacy services in your local area
A pharmacy or Chemist is a place you would use to get a prescription dispensed or buy medicines or ask a pharmacist for advice. A pharmacist is the most qualified person in the pharmacy to dispense and sell medicines and give advice.

1. In which Local Authority do you live?

The following questions are about the last time you used a pharmacy

2. Why did you visit the pharmacy? (Please one box only)

3. When did you last use a pharmacy to get a prescription, buy medicines or to get advice? (Please tick one answer only)

4. How did you get to the pharmacy?  (Please tick all that apply)

5. Thinking about the location of the pharmacy, which of the following are the most important to you?

6. How easy is to get to your usual pharmacy? (Please tick one answer only)

7. If you have a condition that affects your mobility, are you able to park close enough to your pharmacy??

8. Does your pharmacy deliver medication to your home if you are unable to collect it yourself?

9. In the last 12 months have you had any problems finding a pharmacy to get a medicine dispensed, to get advice or to buy medicines?

10. If Yes, what was your main reason for going to the pharmacy? (Please tick one answer only)

11. Please tell us what was the problem in finding a pharmacy?

12. Are you satisfied with the opening hours of your pharmacy?