Welcome to the Team17 Playtest Participation Survey!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to register your interest. We're really excited you've decided to help us out.

The survey questions should take (on average) 1-2 minutes to complete. If you decide to complete the optional question at the end, then the survey will take longer to complete.

The survey will ask for personal details like your name, email address, your gaming habits etc. We collect this data because we will need to contact you to see if you're available to visit our offices. We also send out a usability newsletter containing details about open/closed beta sessions, competitions, and surveys where we ask for your opinions about our games.

Please remember that all data you provide here will remain confidential, and will not be seen by anyone outside the Team17 Usability Team.

The next survey page will ask for your consent to use your data for the purposes stated above.

Many thanks, Teamster!

P.S. Email usability@team17.com if you have any questions! Don't hesitate! :)

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* 1. Select your age range. Choose one option.
It's important to select your correct age range as not doing so might affect your visit to the Team17 offices (e.g. we cannot admit under 16s to the Lab).