Dear Colleagues,

Over the last six months we have reviewed the Pioneer Groups' performance against the aims and objectives set out in our corporate plan for 2015-20 and engaged with our staff and Members to look at what our priorities and approach should be for our next corporate plan for 2020-25.

We now want to further engage with our colleagues on the new ambitious vision we have developed for the Pioneer Group – to be the best housing and community organisation in the country, alongside our mission, values, aims and objectives.

We have produced a survey questionnaire asking for feedback on the plan and general feedback on how we work with communities and would appreciate if you could take some time to complete this.

Please find both full and summary versions of our new plan by clicking the link: 

Ifor Jones
Head of Communities

Question Title

* 1. The Pioneer Group is an independent alliance of people and organisations delivering housing, people and community services.

Which of these parts of the Group are you aware of? (Please select all that apply.)

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* 2. What are your views on the identity and composition of the Pioneer Group and organisations that are part of the group?

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* 3. Please select the words you associate with the Pioneer Group’s operations (Please select all that apply.)

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* 4. Please select the qualities would you associate with the Pioneer Group and what it does. (Please select all that apply)

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* 5. We have set an ambitious vision to be ‘the best community focused organisation in the country by 2025’.

Is this vision too ambitious or not ambitious enough?

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* 6. We have set a commitment in the new Plan to drive up performance in three areas.

Please rate the most important of these priorities.

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* 7. We have developed aims and a number of Measurable Objectives over the lifetime of the Plan:

For each Aim, please select the TOP 3 most important Measurable Objectives.

Aim 1: Great Safe Homes

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* 8. Please select the TOP 3 most important Measurable Objectives

Aim 2: Strong Vibrant Communities

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* 9. Please select the TOP 3 most important Measurable Objectives

Aim 3: Business Excellence

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* 10. We provide a full landlord service to 2,400 homes in Castle Vale. Service provision includes 14 key components.

Please select the top 3 most importance service elements

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* 11. We invest at a minimum of £500,000 annually in community services in Castle Vale.

Please select the top 3 areas where money should be invested.