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Community Plan for Holloway is working with local people and community groups to put forward a positive vision for the former prison site in Islington.

The closure and redevelopment of Holloway offers a once in a generation opportunity to create much needed homes and services for the people of Islington.

It is public land. It is your land.

About the survey

There are three questions asking for your views. These are followed by some questions about you. You will be able to respond as an individual or on behalf of an organisation or community group. At the end you will be able to sign up for our newsletter. 

Why it's important to share your views:  Planning and development is often dominated by private developers and it's crucial that the people of Islington have a say in the future of the site.

The Ministry of Justice is planning to sell the land to fund the building of new prisons outside of London. Islington Council is consulting with the public on planning guidance. We will be working with all parties concerned to ensure that local people’s needs and views are prioritised. We are independent of the council consultation and have the scope to create a broader vision and community plan for the site. 

Who is running this survey? A Community Plan for Holloway is organised by the charity, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. We are independent of government, political and corporate interests. 

What will happen to the responses? 
  • We will publish a summary of all the responses.
  • We are organising local meetings to discuss the main issues raised in this survey.
  • Your views will help us to create a Community Plan for Holloway.
  • We will be working to promote your views with key decision makers and elected officials.
  • We will never share your personal information with anyone.