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PIPR has been under review since January 2015 as a result of a standstill in growing numbers of members. As a result AHDB Pork began to gather feedback through key account meetings, farm visits, regional forums and training/ KT events. Industry feedback has had two main themes, focusing on the lack of benefits and value offered by the scheme and issues around the functional aspects. This was the consistent message across all members, non-members, past members within the industry. 

The PIPR advisory board met at the end of 2015 and addressed some of the issues with City and Guilds. By addressing the current issues and brainstorming on adding value to the scheme, a proposal for a new and improved PIPR scheme has been outlined. The proposed changes have been detailed in the PIPR consultation document and within this survey. Now you can have your say on PIPR through this survey.
Please read the full consultation document before completing this survey, the document can be viewed on the AHDB Pork website at
Please use the tick boxes to let us know if you agree with the proposed changes and the comment boxes to give us your further views. If you have any further queries please contact Samantha.bowsher@ahdb.org.uk
Consultation deadline: Friday 1st April 2016
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