Parenteral nutrition. Do Dietitians have a role? Results of the PENG survey revisited

In 1998 a paper in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics reported on a survey conducted by PENG into the role of the Dietitian in Parenteral Nutrition (PN) (Gilmour & Glencorse, 1998). The survey conducted in 1993 and then repeated in 1995 revealed that only 5% of dietitians assumed total responsibility for the prescription of PN with the majority of PN (43%) being prescribed by trainee doctors. In 1993, 96% of responders felt that dietitians should be more involved with PN as a profession. The 1995 the number of Dietitians assuming overall responsibility for PN had risen from 5% to 14% but trainee doctors still prescribed the majority (42%). 

Between the two surveys Dietitians had increased their input with 97% of dietitians assessing energy and nitrogen in 1995 compared to only 73% in 1993. Barriers to becoming more involved in PN management included lack of time, lack of knowledge and training and not being part of current job.

In 2006 NICE recommended that all hospitals have a nutrition support team (NST) who would be responsible for PN and in 2016 Dietitians were given supplementary prescribing rights. Prescribing PN was used as an example where Dietitians are often assessing the patient, estimating requirements, writing a prescription and then asking a trainee doctor to sign the prescription.

PENG are interested to see what has changed over the last 20 years in terms of dietetic involvement in PN. Please can you take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey?   

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