The Peebles Community Trust (PCT) is a community owned, not-for-profit, Development Trust established to take forward community initiatives.

Summary of the project
The PCT aims to increase the community and economic development opportunities within Peebles, with a particular focus upon business uses, job creation, entrepreneurship and training. With this in mind, the PCT is working towards a potential purchase of the admin building and weaving sheds on March Street Mill site in Peebles for the community.  The PCT also intends to acquire the allotments on the site. 

A consortium is in the process of being developed to facilitate the purchase and the Scottish Land Fund has been approached for funding.  An options appraisal and business planning exercise is currently being carried out to investigate potential viable models and options for delivery.

Have your say
This survey is designed to find out what facilities and services  businesses and organisations would use in Peebles, that could be delivered by the development of March St Mill (or an alternative site). We would also like to find out whether you think some specific services are needed for the community of Peebles, so please answer the questions you feel are relevant to you.

Help us make the right decisions for Peebles, the survey only takes 2 minutes.

How this survey will be used
No identifiable information will be shared with anyone outwith the research team. Only general themes emerging from these responses will be used in developing the options appraisals for the March Street Mill Site.

If you require any help with this survey, please email

Please complete this survey by 21 April 2017.


* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. The buildings and land could be used to offer the following business support services, training opportunities and facilities.  Please tick the ones that you (or work colleagues or family) are likely to use:

* 3. If you currently access similar services, could you tell us what the service is and how much you currently pay in rent? (Cost per msq per year?)

* 4. Are you involved with any local groups / organisations/ businesses that may be interested in renting facilities at March Street Mill? If so please provide a contact name and email / phone number so we can explore these further.

* 5. Do you see a need for any of the following services in Peebles? Please tick any of the statements below that you agree with.

* 6. Have you or your household members experienced any of the following in Peebles:

* 7. Do you or a member of your household currently use the allotments at the March St Mill site?

* 8. Do you support the PCT in their plans to purchase part of the March St Mill site and develop it for the benefit of the community?

* 9. Do you have any further comments you would like to make?

For further information, or if you would like to find out more about the project, please get in touch with Crick Carleton, PCT Coordinator at

Thank you for completing this survey.