Highland Council wants to hear your views on BT’s 2020 proposals to remove public payphones across the Highland region. The Council is disappointed that BT is pursuing further removals so soon after the last consultation in 2019. However, the current consultation is an important opportunity to ensure BT continues to have regard for local community need.

A full list of BT's proposed closures can be found on the Council website, here. BT has targeted these boxes due to low levels of usage over the past 12 months.You can use our interactive map to identify the community council area where you live.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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For each public call box you wish to comment on, we require information specific to local need for that box. BT will NOT accept principled objections against removal of public call boxes in general. This matters to ensuring your view is heard. 

Please use this format for each box you wish to comment on:
-Phone number;
-Reason for objection: e.g. no mobile coverage at an accident black spot....

Please note that Highland Council is conducting this consultation on behalf of BT, according to strict requirements set by OfCom, the communications regulator. In most cases, we anticipate that to uphold an objection to removal there will need to be clear evidence EITHER:
-many people in the area do not have access to mobile phones, due to higher than average social deprivation; OR,
-there is no 3G/4G mobile signal on ANY network carrier in an area where we may reasonably expect emergency need.

This requirement reflects increasing levels of mobile phone usage and the ability to contact emergency services using ANY mobile network (known as network roaming).

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* 2. Communities can adopt traditional red kiosks from BT directly. This involves removing the phone line but leaving the kiosk for alternative use. If you are aware of community interest in adoption, please provide relevant contact details. These will be passed to BT.

Please provide:
-Telephone no. for the box;
-Name of charitable organisation (if available);
-Name of contact person;
-Contact details (phone / email).

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* 3. Your name and contact details (will be held confidentially)