From 1 September 2017, up to 30 hours extended free childcare is available for eligible families with children aged 3 and 4 years old. Please note this entitlement can only be used with childcare providers registered to receive early education funding. 

In order to gauge future demand for additional funded hours across Dorset, we would be grateful if you could take time to complete this form - even if you are already accessing some additional hours. 

Please complete this questionnaire by Friday 14th July 2017.  Thank you.

* 1. Dorset were able to offer additional funded hours for some 3 and 4 year olds from 1st April 2017. Did you access these for your child/ren (in addition to the basic 15 hours available for every child)?

* 2. If your child is going to be 3 to 4 years old between 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2018 they may be eligible for additional funded hours.  Please indicate if you are going to apply for any extra hours?

* 3. Please tell us the current employment status of the parent completing the survey.  You may select up to 3 answers.

* 4. If you live with a partner, please could you tell us about their current employment status?  You may select up to 3 answers.

* 5. Please tell us your postcode so we can get an idea of where the demand for extra funded hours is in Dorset. We will not use this information to identify you.

* 6. Thinking about your children under 5, which of the following types of childcare do you currently use? Please note, you can only claim childcare funding with Ofsted registered providers. Select all applicable options.

* 7. Considering your current childcare arrangements in a typical week, how many hours of each type do you use?

* 8. Where do you currently take up your paid or free childcare in relation to where you live?

* 9. If you currently take up your childcare more than 2 miles from your home, why is this? You may select up to 3 answers.

* 10. Considering the provider/s your child/ren currently attends; what factors influenced your choice?  You may select up to 3 answers.

* 11. If you are eligible for up to 30 hours of free childcare from September 2017, will you take up the offer?

* 12. If you take up the offer of funded hours, how many do you think you might need in total?  Enter any number between 0 and 30.

* 13. Where might you use the additional funded hours?  You may select more than one answer.

* 14. If you are accessing additional funded hours, which of the options below would be most useful to you?  You may select more than one answer.

* 15. Would having more free childcare enable you to work or increase your working hours?

* 16. Finally, to provide an overview of how effective our communication is please answer the following questions.  Tick all that apply.

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