Association of Breastfeeding Mothers - Pam's Prize Nominations 2017

Thank you for nominating a breastfeeding volunteer for Pam's Prize 2017.

This is an opportunity for us to celebrate the valued support that breastfeeding counsellors give to families across the UK. We are looking for volunteers that go that extra mile so we can give them recognition and thanks. Nominees can be NCT breastfeeding counsellors, La Leche League leaders, Breastfeeding Network supporters or ABM breastfeeding counsellors.

Nominations are open from 1st January until 1st March 2017.

You can find out more about the ABM and how to train with us by visiting 

* 1. What is your name?

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* 4. Who are you nominating for Pam's Prize?

* 5. Your nominee must be a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor (trained with the NCT, ABM, La Leche League or the Breastfeeding Network). Which of these organisations is your nominee from?

* 6. Please enter contact details for your nominee (email, telephone).

* 7. Please tell us why you are nominating this person. (They should have helped you recently and within a voluntary role.)

* 8. How did you hear about Pam's Prize?