Conservation Area Management Plan 
Consultation Survey 2017

Burnley Council have recently completed a draft Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP) outlining the measures for the preservation and enhancement of the Padiham Conservation Area for the period 2017 to 2027. This document is the first management plan to be produced for the Conservation Area which was designated for its special architectural and historic interest on the 18th June 1975. The Conservation Area covers a substantial area of historic townscape extending eastwards from Arbory Drive to Station Road taking in the historic core of the town at St Leonards and residential streets that include notable examples of pre-industrial hand loom weaver cottages and mid to late 19th century terraced streets.

The purpose of the Management Plan is to advise on how best to manage the Padiham Conservation Area and develop proposals to deal with the issues threatening the special character and appearance of the area, with the main objective of positively managing future change. The successful implementation of the management actions will depend on the co-operation and enthusiasm of other organisations and stakeholders including property owners and the local community. To be effective the plan must be actively supported by all, with stakeholders working together to strengthen and promote the area’s built and natural heritage.

The Council is keen to know your views on the Padiham Conservation Area Management Plan and what issues you believe should be reflected in the management plan.

The draft document, which also includes details of the Conservation Area boundary, is available online at between 27th March - 28th April 2017. Hard copy versions of the document are available to view at Padiham Library, Burnley Central Library and Contact Burnley offices in Parker Lane, Burnley.

If you would like to comment on the Padiham Conservation Area Management Plan, please complete this online survey on or before 28th April 2017. Your response will help shape the future management, conservation and preservation of Padiham’s special historic and architectural interest.

The comments you provide in the survey will only be used in connection with the preparation of the Padiham Conservation Area Management Plan, and a consultation report will be prepared on completion of the consultation period to inform the final version of the document. A schedule of the comments received will be published on the Council’s website. All comments received will be available to inspect at the Council Offices on full on request. Other than names, contact details will not be published or made available. If you have any questions about the survey, please email the Council at:

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