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* 1. Are you a dog trainer or other dog professional (groomer, vet etc.) ?

Please head to the following link: and complete the personality test. Once finished, please input your score's for each personality trait below.

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* 2. Please input your scores for Cattell's 16 Personality Factor Test

Please go to the following link: and click sign up. Create a profile for yourself and for your dog. Please make sure to check the "Dog is participating in a study" box and then click "Next". You will need to search for and select C3 Dog Behaviour and Training from the list and input the following code: 168061. You should then be able to complete the C-BARQ questionnaire. Once completed, please input your dog's scores below.

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* 3. Please input your dog's scores for the C-BARQ

Thank you so much for completing this survey! I hope you found it interesting and learnt more about yourself and your dog! Please stay tuned as results and analysis will be posted on my social media accounts @c3dbatofficial on Instagram, on Facebook and on my website
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