The Castlefield Forum is an active and influential group of individuals who live, work or have an interest in the Castlefield area of Manchester – we’re proactive in delivering projects to improve the neighbourhood.

The following questions have been designed to find out what events have helped to shape Castlefield, and to help us to better understand what is special about Castlefield and why it is an important place. This is an opportunity to celebrate everyday life and your personal heritage, alongside historical facts.

* 1. What do you value most about Castlefield?

* 2. How does Castlefield make you feel?

* 3. What one thing do you think makes Castlefield unique?

* 4. Tell us in three words what makes Castlefield special to you?

* 5. What one thing would you change about Castlefield and why?

* 6. Have you, or anyone you know, ever lived in Castlefield? If so what was it like? Can you tell us about the homes, the neighbourhoods and what you did for fun? Did you ever attend any local events or festivals and where were the best places to go?

* 7. Have you ever worked, or do you know anyone who has ever worked in Castlefield?  If so, what was it like? Can you tell us any more about the industries, jobs, employers, working conditions, uniforms or pay?