FRG's online advice service survey

This survey is about Family Rights Group's (FRG) online advice service.  The aim of the survey is to help us to understand more about how the online advice service is used, how helpful you have found the service and what difference it has made.  The online advice service includes our advice sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers and our discussion boards for parents and for family and friends carers.

If you have used any of these online services we would like you to complete this short survey.  It should take approximately 5 minutes. Please do answer honestly, there are no right or wrong answers and we really value your honest feedback. Thank you for participating.

Individual responses will remain totally confidential.

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* 16. Please provide us with your contact details

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* 17. Do you have any other comments about FRG’s online advice service? 

Please note that if you wish to make a complaint you can find details about how to do so in our complaints policy here.

Thank you for your help.