Hands Up For Trustees 
Help us understand how we can help you recruit more skilled trustees.

Hands Up for Trustees in North Yorkshire is a Joint Campaign of Community First Yorkshire and Reach Volunteering, the national charity that connects charities and not-for-profits with skilled and experienced volunteers. Many charities in North Yorkshire tell us they often struggle to recruit and retain skilled trustees. We want to understand the experiences of North Yorkshire charities better so we can shape our campaign for 2018. Please complete the survey below before 31  January 2018 to help inform our campaign. Each charity that completes the survey will be entered into a draw and have the opportunity to win a free governance review worth £600 in 2018.

Our Hands up For Trustees in North Yorkshire campaign aims to:

• increase public awareness and understanding of the role and value of charity trustees.
• improve people’s access to becoming a trustee within their communities of place, interest and character
• raise the capacity and confidence of charities to recruit, induct, retain and develop trustees
• develop productive relationships between organisations to help make this happen
• celebrate the difference trustees make in North Yorkshire

The Campaign will run from Trustees Week in November 2017 to Volunteers Week in June 2018.

Over the next few months we will also be delivering a range of activities to help organisations recruit, develop and celebrate the difference that their Trustees make in North Yorkshire Communities.

With thanks to Getting on Board for allowing us access to their original survey that informed their research into Recruiting Trustees (May 2017).

* 1. Does your charity find it easy to recruit Trustees?

* 2. Which methods do you use to recruit Trustees?
Please tick all that apply.

* 3. To what extent do the following issues act as barriers to Trustee Recruitment?

  1 - Not a barrier 2 3 4 - A major barrier
Not having a personal recommendation or prior knowledge of potential candidates
Not knowing where to recruit
Uncertainty about how to draft advert copy or a role description
Time constraints
Existing Trustees or CEO not committed to recruitment

* 4. What barriers have you found in engaging potential candidates as Board Members? (choose any which apply)

* 5. When recruiting for new trustees do you have specific role descriptions?

* 6. What percentage of your current board were connected or known to existing Trustee(s) before they were recruited?

* 7. Do you offer an induction for new Trustees?

* 8. Once a new Trustee is in position do you review the process for recruiting Trustees, to check what worked and what should be changed?

* 9. Do you feel your Trustee Board is broadly representative of the community, users and members your organisation serves, taking into account issues such as race, age, gender, disability and sexual orientation?

* 10. Whether you answered yes or no to the previous question, is ensuring your Board is representative of the communities your organisation serves something that you monitor and act on, especially when recruiting new Trustees?

* 11. If your Board is not representative, or if you are not actively trying to achieve this, what barriers are preventing you from doing so?

* 12. Has a potential funder or project partner asked you questions about how representative your Board is?

* 13. Does your Board undertake a skills audit? If yes, do you use this when recruiting new Trustees?

* 14. Do any of your current Board Members have skills in the following? Please tick all that apply

* 15. Do you have or have you ever considered having a Board Member with specific responsibility for Digital or with particular digital expertise?

* 16. Has your Board individually or collectively undertaken any Governance Development training?

* 17. Has your Board heard of and / or adopted the new Charity Governance Code?

* 18. How confident are you that your Trustees have the skills and knowledge needed to meet the compliance, strategic and development needs of your charity over the next 3 years?

* 19. Would you be interested in attending a roundtable meeting in the New Year to discuss Board recruitment, retention and development?

* 20. What is your role at the Charity?

* 21. What sector is your Charity in?

* 22. What is the annual turnover of your Charity?

* 23. How many employees does your Charity have?

* 24. How many Trustees are there on your Board?

* 25. Do you have any further thoughts you would like to share about Trustee recruitment and development? Any examples of good practice that worked well, or a bad experience you've learned from? Would you be interested in sharing your experiences with other charities in North Yorkshire? 

* 26. Please let us know your email address and how you would be happy for us to use it. We will never sell or share your address with other organisations. Tick all that apply, or leave blank if you would prefer us not to contact you.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your responses will help us to shape our Hands Up for Trustees Campaign.

Hands Up for Trustees in North Yorkshire is a Joint Campaign of Community First Yorkshire and Reach Volunteering, the national charity that connects charities and not-for-profits with skilled and experienced volunteers.

Please send your paper copy of the completed survey to:
Hands Up for Trustees Survey
Community First Yorkshire
Unit A, Tower House
Askham Fields Lane
Askham Bryan
YO23 3FS