Thank you for taking the time to complete this confidential and anonymous NUJ membership survey about the EU Referendum.

* 1. What sector of the media do you work in?

* 2. When working on covering the EU referendum were you asked to:

* 3. Were you asked to use specific spokespersons even though they might not be capable of presenting the case accurately?

* 4. Did any campaign group try to influence or pressure your reporting unduly?

* 5. Did editors pressure you unduly?

* 6. Did your editor seek to present your stories in a certain way even though you felt it did not present a true picture to readers, listeners or viewers?

* 7. Did you feel pressured to present a balanced picture with comments from both sides, even though it was clear that on that issue, there was no balance?

* 8. Did you feel sufficiently knowledgeable about the issues to report fairly?

* 9. Did you feel obliged to write about the battle rather than the issues?

* 10. Did you feel able to adhere to the NUJ code of conduct at work?

* 11. Were you able to adhere to the union's race relations reporting guidelines?

* 12. Do you think aspects of the reporting of the referendum contributed to the post-Brexit rise in racism?

* 13. If you would like to provide additional information please either use the comments box below or email:

Thank you for your time completing the survey.