Later this year we will be hosting a new forum, Northern Power Futures. From the people who brought you Northern Power Women, this festival launching late 2018, will discuss the future of the North from every angle - economic, professional, lifestyle and personal.
This an opportunity for the newer or future leaders of the North to take to the stage, have their say and share ideas.

We want this event to be crowdsourced so we're hosting a number of face to face planning sessions, but we also have a few questions that we'd love you to fill in and tell us what you want to hear about.

* 1. What are the key topics that you, as the future (and current!) leaders of the North, want an opportunity to discuss, among your peers and in front of current leaders?

* 2. Here are a sample of discussion topics that have already been suggested. Let us know how likely you would be to go and hear a talk / debate on this subject:

  Probably not Maybe Very likely Not sure
Stories of leadership from the North
Management crisis - instilling the right management skills
How to make things happen in the North
Industry specific discussions on future
20 years from now: where tech & science is taking us / how we can prepare
What do we want the workplace to look like?
Under-18s - What we want you to know (dreams & aspirations)
Mini keynotes from Northern leaders
Community projects – how to get involved
Life stages – how to plan for a longer life (multiple careers/financial planning)
Starting a family - new models of parenting
The world we want in 2040 and how to get there
Global to Local: Sustainability starting in the North
What you need to know about the economy
Financial independence
Going it alone: Entrepreneurs on starting a business, investment challenges
Workplace Survival
Your rights
Giving back (volunteering / social impact work)
Politics incl How to be a councilor / MP
Stories and challenges of negotiating
Handling crisis (family / relationship / personal etc)
Home (buying / renting / mortgages)

* 3. We're also planning practical, interactive workshops. Let us know how likely you would be to join a workshop on this subject:

  Probably not Maybe Very likely Not sure
Getting the best out of teams
Difficult conversations / Handling conflict
Reading a P&L (Profit & Loss sheet)
Good governance / board leadership
Small business how-to sessions from Google Garage / Business Growth Hub
Confidence & negotiation
Basic self-defense
Stand up-comedy
Intro to crochet
Intro to campaigning / activism
CV clinic
Building your personal band
Protecting your identity online
Start a podcast
Yoga class
Massage tasters

* 4. We plan to invite current senior leaders in the North to hear you talk. What topics and solutions do you think they most need to hear about from under-35s?

* 5. Who are the local speakers from the North you would want to hear from on stage, and what do they speak well about?

* 6. If we could get some international inspirational speakers to join us, who would you most like to hear from?

* 7. Which of the following age groups are you in:

* 8. Where are you based?

* 9. Do you have any final comments / ideas of things you would like to see at an event like this?

* 10. We're planning to run the first event in late 2018 over two days with tickets from £50 for 2 days (concessions available). Will we see you there?

* 11. Would you like to opt in for our updates?

* 12. Name

* 13. Email

* 14. Twitter handle