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The Cambridge SU Student-Led Teaching Awards exist to recognise outstanding teaching and student support across the University and Colleges. You may nominate any member of staff who you believe has enhanced and supported your education at Cambridge. This could include, but is not limited to, Lecturers, Supervisors, Directors of Studies, Tutors, Librarians, Chaplains, or Porters and Custodial staff. You can submit multiple nominations for different people!

Some general points you may wish to consider in writing your nomination:
  • How has this person impacted upon your educational experience at Cambridge?
  • What stands out about their approach to teaching and/or student support?
  • What does good teaching/support mean to you and how have they exemplified that?
  • How has this person ensured you have been able to get the most out of your university experience?
Awards will be made in 9 different categories, which can be found here. We will ask you to select the category in which you think your nomination should be considered - but if you aren’t sure which one to choose, don’t worry! During the shortlisting process, we’ll make sure each nomination is judged in the category where it has the greatest chance to shine.

All nominations will be considered by a panel of students. The panel will compile a shortlist of nominees, out of which the winners of each category will be revealed at the beginning of Easter term.

By making a nomination, you are consenting to Cambridge SU sharing the data you provide with the University of Cambridge to help improve teaching and learning within the university. Your data will be stored for one year and then all personal details you have provided will be removed from our system. 

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