North Lincolnshire Council is considering introducing a private sector landlord selective licensing scheme in parts of the Town and Crosby and Park wards of Scunthorpe.  

Selective licensing is being proposed under the powers of the Housing Act (2004) to combat persistent and significant problems with anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the area to be licensed.

In an area subject to selective licensing, all private landlords renting out property must obtain a licence for each property rented and if they fail to do so, or fail to achieve acceptable management standards, the council can take enforcement action. 

Licence conditions will state what condition properties must be kept in and what actions and plans must be in place to combat ASB.

The main aim of the consultation is to gather people’s views to the proposed selective licensing scheme using a range of consultation and information events, including this survey, focus groups and semi-structured interviews. 

The results of the consultation exercise will be published on the council’s website along with a formal report on the outcomes. 

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