"If you'd like to vote in the 2017 NGAs, you've come to the right place..."

Thanks for taking time to vote in the second NGAs. Voting is open until midnight on July 13th, for geocachers resident in Britain or Ireland - including the Isle of Man & Channel Islands - to express their opinions and pick their favourites. The winners will be announced at the evening 'do' at the Devon Mega on Saturday August 5th, and afterwards on the NGAs' Facebook group and Twitter account. The winners are not informed before the event, and people 'fishing' are always told they've won, regardless of status :)

Also thanks to cachers who suggested categories or nominated for the 25 categories when they were announced at the start of March 2017 - You've helped shape these awards. Awards intended to reflect and highlight the best of British and Irish caches, cachers and caching.

Options are mostly in alphabetical order and each category has several potential winners. If there's a link to right-click, please 'open in another tab' to take a look, read some logs, and get a feel for each finalist before voting. Thanks again for getting involved. By voting (it's ok to skip categories) you're helping to keep the British and Irish National Geocaching Awards relevant and meaningful.

1. Which is Scotland's Best Cache?

2. Which is the Best Cache in Wales?

3. Which is the Best Cache in Northern Ireland? (The Republic of Ireland's is GC43, we learned last year.)

4. Which is England's Best Cache?

5. Which is The Best Offshore Island Cache?

6. Who most deserves the Special Caching Achievement Award?
(Sadex won in 2016 & isn't eligible again. Someone who did something remarkable and inspiring in pursuit of Tupperware, as either a Lifetime Achievement award, or for someone who’s Overcome Adversity to cache)

7. Which is the Best Church Micro Series cache? (Published by the end of 2016)

8. Which is the Best New Cache of 2016?

9. Which is the Best Multi Cache?

10. Which was the Best British Mega Event (2008-2016)? (Listed in date order)

11. Which of these was the Best Non-Mega Event of 2016?

12. Which is the best Recurring Event Series?

13. Which is the Best Accessible Cache? (T1, with Wheelchair Attribute)  (The Winter Geolympix Award for Best Accessible Cache)

15. Which is the Best New Cache Series of 2016? (Could be National Series or Ring/Cluster/etc.)

17. Best Geo-Traveller Mission.

18. Please vote for Geocaching Family of the Year

19. Please vote for The Geocacher/s of the Year

20. Who deserves to be Newbie/s of the Year (Cachers who began in 2016 and have already made an impressive contribution to the game)

23. Which is the Best New Extreme Cache of 2016?

24. Which is the World's Most Desirable Cache? (Guest Global Category!)

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