New Secondary School for central Thurrock

We are keen to hear from all stakeholders, future students and their families as well as local residents.  Please give us your feedback on what you have read.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your address (including postcode)?

* 3. Do you have a child that might attend the new school?

* 4. Please fill in your email address if you would like to be updated when there is important news about the school.

* 5. Do you support the aims and ethos of the new school, which we have described throughout this document?

* 6. The new school will have a strong international dimension, with trips abroad and three European languages on offer (French, German and Spanish).  Do you agree that this will be relevant and useful for students?

* 7. Our proposed specialisms are Sport and the Arts.  These will be taught alongside a broad and balanced curriculum.  Do you agree with our choice of specialisms?

* 8. We will have a 'community curriculum' with courses for parents and others whole live nearby.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions of courses you would like to see on offer.

* 9. What are your views on the name of the new school?

* 10. Please provide your thoughts about the school being located as part of a Sporting hub of Excellence.