This survey outlines the proposed options for how day care services in the Newmarket area could be delivered in the future. Please read the information carefully and provide your views in the text box provided at the foot of each page.
If you have an alternative suggestion, please submit it as part of your consultation comments.  

The consultation closes at 5pm on 9th September 2016.  


* OPTION 1 - Suffolk County Council makes no change to the funding arrangements with Leading Lives in relation to the Newmarket Hub.

About this option:
  • This would allow Leading Lives to continue to operate the service in Newmarket for the duration of their current contract with Suffolk County Council. However, the council cannot guarantee that Leading Lives would choose to do so as they are an independent entity and the contract terms allow either party to terminate the contract, with notice.
  • Customers retain control over their Personal Budgets and the decision as to  what to spend it on is theirs. County Council staff would be available to offer support and guidance, if required.
  • Suffolk County Council would review the support provided to Newmarket Hub customers to ensure that support needs are continued to be met in accordance with their assessed need.