The New Futures Network aims to be a practical resource for prison leaders and those working in and around prisons as the reform agenda is implemented. Rather than being a provider of services or representing any particular group, its primary objective is to secure better rehabilitative outcomes for prisoners and their communities through:

·         Acting as an informed and honest broker between prisons and potential external partners;

·         Driving new approaches to prison leadership and innovation;

·         Providing a bridge between practice development and policy.

·         Developing mechanisms for sharing impact, outcomes and learning across justice services.

The RSA will design, develop and test this proposal with as broad a range of stakeholders as possible in the next few months, and publish a clear proposal for a new body in early summer 2017. 

Please take this short survey to ensure your views inform the development of the New Futures Network.  For further information, please contact Jack Robson on jack.robson@rsa.org.uk