This survey is being undertaken to identify how the National Forest Company could best help woodfuel users (existing and potential) and suppliers, and woodland owners, to produce and use more woodfuel from woodlands in the National Forest. Many of the woodlands established in the Forest are now coming to the age where they need to be thinned in order to produce good quality timber, allow light in to encourage wildlife, and provide pleasant areas for recreation.  Woodfuel is an ideal product from these thinnings and provides a low carbon means to heat local homes and businesses. 

This survey is being undertaken by RDI Associates Ltd (http://www.ruraldevelopment.org.uk/) on behalf of the National Forest Company.

This survey should take you no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  For each completed survey, RDI Associates will contribute 50p to Tree Aid (http://www.treeaid.org.uk/), the UK based development charity supporting tree planting and reafforestation in rural Africa.  A maximum of one response per organisation, company or individual will count towards the overall total donation, which is subject to a maximum of £100.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Will Richardson on 01765 609355 or at will.richardson@ruraldevelopment.org.uk.

This survey asks questions of woodfuel suppliers, woodland owners, owners of existing woodfuel boilers, and people who may be considering installing a woodfuel boiler in a public building, social housing, tourist attraction or farm diversification enterprise. There is another survey for members of the general public who use wood on an open fire or stove - please contact us for the details of the relevant survey if this includes you. 

You will be asked a series of questions with Yes/No answers to direct you to the correct subject questions. If you tick No you will be directed to the next section. Other than these Yes/No questions there are no compulsory questions so if it isn't relevant to you just move onto the next one.

Data Protection: RDI Associates is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. All data will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used an an aggregated basis. We will not pass on your contact details or any data you supply to any third parties.

Thank you for your time.