National Cataloguing Grants Review

The Pilgrim Trust, supported by The National Archives has commissioned Janice Tullock Associates to evaluate the impact of the National Cataloguing Grants Programme and review the future direction of the scheme. Since 2006 the programme has awarded over £3.8 million in 124 grants to improve access to archive collections. Collections awarded funding include archives of charities, councils, scientists, companies, politicians, hospitals, publishers and faith organisations.
The Cataloguing Grants Programme aims to :

  • Support and enable access to archive collections that are of the greatest significance and evidential value
  • Enable wider activities based on documentary heritage.
  • Aid organisations in supporting sustainable improvement of their archival provision in line with the Archives Accreditation Standard.
  • Achieve clear public benefit and value for money

This review will gather evidence to :

  • Identify the impact of the programme over the previous ten years.
  • Identify the needs and ambitions of the sector in relation to cataloguing
  • Uncover changing needs of users in relation to cataloguing and accessing collections information

Data from this survey will be used to complete the programme review and to makes any changes to the programme. Details relating to individual projects or services will be kept confidential to the research team and not shared unless agreed with the respondent.

This survey will take up to 20 minutes to complete, taking the longest time for grant recipients who need to feedback on their project successes.

This survey will be open for responses until 30th August 2016. Don't delay, respond today!

We really value your feedback and all views will be fed into discussions on the future of the programme.

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