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Your family has more influence than you think. Survival messages are psychologically encoded and sent through the generations, stored in what’s called your mitochondria. These are cells that contribute to how you are ‘programmed’ to manage stress. Tyrants are high stress so therefore to help you, we need to know if there is any indication of cross-generational extended stress factors which is why we ask you to complete the family questionnaire.

You may have been ‘programmed’ to never talk about the family or answer probing questions about them. If that’s the case, we ask that you step over that conditioning because we are here to assist you not judge you.

Our family experience as a child has an impact on our adult life because messaging gets buried in the unconscious. The purpose of this questionnaire is for us to see how much of an impact on your adult life your early experiences may have had on your unconscious, and will therefore give us a distinct indication of what will be required to free you from the tyrant currently impacting you.

Please answer every question with the first thing you feel (your instinct) from your childhood perspective, not from your adult self. Please refrain from applying logic, your instinct please because we find it gives more accurate answers.

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