This survey is for 14-19 year olds living in London.

Why are we doing this survey?
We want to find out YOUR ideas about what YOU think would make London a better designed place for young Londoners. Your answers will help us to create a Young Peoples’ Manifesto for a better designed London, and will be presented to the 2016 candidates hoping to be the next London Mayor.

This is your opportunity to tell the future Mayor of London how our City can be a better place for young Londoners to live in.

Please read all the questions and instructions carefully and complete the survey by 5 May 2016. If you would like to know more about Open-City's programmes for young Londoners please let us know at the end of the survey.

There are 7 sections to complete.

Question Title

* 1. First- Please tell us a bit about yourself. We're sorry, but if you don't live in London then this survey isn't for you.

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* 2. Are you male or female?

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* 3. How old are you? We're sorry, but if you're not aged 14-19 then this survey isn't for you.

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* 4. What's your ethnicity?