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Help us shape the future of Mountaineering Scotland

Thanks for taking the time to complete this member survey. It's really important to us that we understand who our members are, and your views on the work we do on your behalf.

This year, the board of Mountaineering Scotland is working on updating our vision and strategy for the next four years, and as part of that process we want to know what our members think of what we do now, and what our priorities should be over the coming years.

Your responses will help to influence the development of our new strategic plan and operational plans which set out our key areas of activity and the outcomes we are working towards.

None of the questions are mandatory nor will they be analysed at an individual level, but answering them will help us think about how the organisation should develop in the future. The survey should take around  15-20 minutes to complete and a summary of the results will be shared in Scottish Mountaineer magazine and on the Mountaineering Scotland website.

The survey will remain open until 5pm Friday 25 June 2021 and there is an opportunity at the end to enter your details for a chance to win one of 3 prizes.

If you  have any questions please email us at info@mountaineering.scot