Dear Constituent,

This survey is my annual constituency survey, asking for your feedback about the services my team and I provide to you locally and nationally. Your feedback will be considered carefully and will help inform any changes or innovations I make to the delivery of his constituency and Westminster office services. 

On the first page, I ask some questions about you and your family. You don't have to answer these if you don't want to, it just helps me understand the hopes and concerns of people in different circumstances.

Your answers will be anonymous and won't be shared with anyone else. But I will consider your feedback or new ideas to try and improve the way I work on your behalf in the year ahead.

Thanks in advance,


Darren Jones MP
Member of Parliament, Bristol North West

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* 2. What age bracket are you in?

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* 3. How would you define your gender? 

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* 4. How would you describe your household set up?

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* 5. How would you describe your work?