Have your say about the future of your Parish

What’s the Neighbourhood Plan all about?
Neighbourhood Plans have been introduced under the Localism Act to allow local communities greater influence over future development in their area.

Monks Kirby Parish Council began a programme 18 months ago to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish and obtained some grant funding to help resource the project. A Neighbourhood Plan is a formally approved document, which will be lodged with Rugby Borough Council (RBC).  It helps govern any future development in the area and gives the community the opportunity to shape the type of development that may be desirable.

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan allows us, as a community, to add detail specific to our parish to the broader brush Rugby Borough Council planning policies.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be an important and powerful part of local planning policy and once completed it will be used in the assessment of the desirability and suitability of future planning applications.

It is vital that the plan reflects the views of our local community and for this reason it can only be completed with YOUR help. Nobody knows our parish better than those of us who live and work here. So please take this opportunity to express your views about the type, scale and siting of development that should take place in and around our villages over the years ahead.

Here’s how you can get involved …
This questionnaire is an important part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. We want to hear from you about what you think is good or bad about living in Monks Kirby Parish so that we can understand what needs to change. 

This is your chance to really make a difference to the future of your parish. We hope that you will become involved by completing this questionnaire and helping the Parish Council to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan that truly reflects local need and aspirations.

Ideally, we would like people to put their names on this questionnaire, as we may like to talk to you to get a better understanding of your comments. However, we realise that some will not want to do so.

All responses will be used solely for preparing this Neighbourhood Plan. Your participation in this questionnaire, together with your individual responses to the questions asked, will be kept confidential and no one will be identifiable in any published results.