As Modo prepares to take its final bow, we have been touched and inspired by all the comments and posts from participants past and present. 

We would really like to capture these memories to create a permanent 'memory bank' of what Modo has meant to folk over the years.

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* 1. Share your memories of your experience with Modo; whether as participant, performer, volunteer, staff, colleague, family members or someone from the community.

Some suggestions:

·        The first time you encountered Modo

·        The most exciting thing that you did in your time with Modo

·        The change that Modo helped to bring about in you or someone you know

·        What it meant to you, or how it made you feel to be involved

There is no word limit on memories. A single sentence, or a whole page or anywhere in between is great.

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* 2. What town/village/region were you involved?

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* 3. What year(s) were you involved?

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* 4. If you were involved in particular projects/parades/performances, please tell us which?

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* 5. If you are happy for it to be used, please leave your name.

If you have any photos of you involved and would be willing to share, please send to
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