Dear Reader,

Thank you for considering participation in the multiple myeloma (MM) patient questionnaire. With this letter we hope to give you some additional information about our study and kindly invite you to be part of this research.

The purpose of this survey is to assess the current quality of life of MM patients in Europe, to help us understand the kind of diagnostic tool that could be valuable for patients and their doctors when choosing their future treatment. This survey is part of a European Commission research project for the development of a diagnostic test that can predict the most effective treatment strategy for MM patients, based on each patients' individual genetic profile.

To gain knowledge about the current MM disease situation in Europe, we ask you to fill out a survey to assess your quality of life. By combining the responses of all participating patients, we aim to have a better understanding of the patients' most relevant quality of life issues and relate these to specific treatments or disease characteristics. With this information we hope to help choose the best treatment strategy for future patients.

The information that we aim to collect with this questionnaire will be anonymous and confidential. Moreover, any collected data will be restricted for the use of this study only and will not be shared with or given to anyone, except for the authorized research staff.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently and kindly request that you fill out this questionnaire. For additional information about the project please visit the website: www.mmh2020.eu.

Best regards,

The HORIZON 2020 research team