1. Introduction

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5% of survey complete.
You are being invited to participate in this survey due to your membership of the NPPG, PICS, BAPM and other stakeholder groups.

If you want a reminder of why this project is important, then information on the background is available on the MIST website. 

Results from the last survey
65 responses were received from a broad range of professionals and we are pleased to announce the consensus was achieved in about 40% of drugs and concentrations (mostly for the older/heavier patients.)  Importantly, full consensus was achieved for the following medications:
  • Midazolam
  • Amiodarone
  • Dinoprostone
Thus this second survey will be shorter, and will have a focus on smaller children and infants (though there will be some questions directed to older children as well.)

We have also removed the questions relating to electrolytes as following the first survey it was felt that these may extend beyond paediatric and neonatal care.  However, given the safety concerns around potassium, we have retained this in the survey (Question 20)

Your feedback from the first survey
Many of you fed back to us some concerns about the last survey, which we are grateful for.  We have made the following changes for this survey:
  • Use of a new survey engine that is more user friendly, compatible with mobile devices, saves automatically as you move through the survey, and allows users to leave the survey and come back to it at a later date on the same computer.
  • Removal of the electrolyte questions (retaining potassium)
  • Resetting of the project e-mail address to ensure that it works

What do I need to do?
In this stage of the survey, we will present only those drugs where agreement was not reached in the previous round of the Delphi.  We will tell you the changes that we have made and you are asked to choose the most appropriate concentration for different clinical scenarios.

As a respondent you have been provided with an excel spreadsheet calculator that you can download from the MiST survey page.

Step 1:
Open the excel calculator and populate it with the dosing calculations that you use on your unit. This spreadsheet will then calculate fluid load for each drug that would reflect the standard practice in your area.

Step 2:
Open the weblink for the survey.
  1. There are 20 drugs with up to THREE concentration choices.
  2. A table presenting you with the fluid load in ml/kg/day for the minimum and maximum doses is provided for each drug.
  3. You will be asked to choose ONE or TWO acceptable concentrations for each scenario.
  4. In this survey you cannot provide freetext feedback.  
  5. YOU MUST MAKE A CHOICE.  You cannot skip questions in this survey.
Use the excel spreadsheet to compare fluid load for the suggested standard concentrations with the fluid load for your local practice.

How long will the survey take?
We estimate that the survey (including populating the excel calculator) will take between 90 minutes and two hours to complete. We have designed the survey so that you can leave it and come back to it at a later date on the same computer if you wish. You don't need to create log in details so your responses are completely anonymous.
When do I need to complete the survey by?
The survey will be open until MIDNIGHT on February 18th 2017