In the next edition of Vista we will investigate the extent to which mission agencies, churches and individuals are beginning to network and partner in order to more effectively address the complex situation in Europe. Examples of networks might include: a mission partnership of several agencies, a regional organisation that brings together denominational representatives, a church planting network or, a denominational network  

At this stage we are trying to understand what is happening on the ground, so we would encourage you to tell us about anything you might feel is relevant. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

* 1. Which network(s) do you belong to that are intended to encourage its members' engagement in mission?

* 2. What kind of networks are they? (tick all that apply)

* 3. For each network, is your membership as an individual or on behalf of an organisation/ church?

* 4. What, if any, are the advantages and/or disadvantages for you or your organisation in belonging to these networks?

* 5. In your opinion, what makes a network (which is intended to encourage its members' engagement in mission) to function well?

* 6. Any further comments?

* 7. Please give your name (optional) and the country where you are based