Background and Aim of Survey

There is now widespread recognition that the care and support provided by the NHS, social care and associated community services should strive to be more person and community centred i.e. both centred around and responsive to the needs of the individual and the social networks and communities that they inhabit.

To create person-centred care, patients need to be involved in the evaluation of new models as they are being developed and rolled out. Only then can we know if the care or support that they receive is improving their experiences or outcomes. The aim of our project (funded by NHS-England), is to develop guidance on how to measure Person-Centred Care in practice and on how to use this information to generate improvements in care. We will achieve this by:

1. Producing an evidence synthesis on the use of person-centred care measures to improve care for people with long term conditions and those at the end of their life.
2. Building an accessible, user friendly and up-to-date database of measures to support person-centred care.
3. Creating a Commissioners Guide to Person-centred care measures for long-term conditions, multiple-long term conditions and for people at the end of life.