Survey questions

* 1. Are you answering these questions as a patient or as a carer?

* 2. How often have you picked up prescribed medication in the last year?

* 3. Have you ever picked up a prescription from a pharmacist that you (or someone you care for) ended up never using?

* 4. Are you (or someone you care for) prescribed medication, but are unaware what the medication does and why it has been prescribed?

* 5. What do you do with medication that was never used or only partially used?

* 6. Have you discussed your (or someone you care for’s) medication with a doctor?

* 7. Did you know you can ask for a Medicines Use Review with your pharmacist for free?

* 8. Using the space provided, can you share your experience of picking up prescribed medication which you (or someone you care for) did not use? What was the reason for not using the medication?