Application Form

Please complete the form below fully, including the declaration at the end. Places on LWN's courses are strictly limited, and are allocated on the basis of the application received. All applications are considered by the Course Trainers on their merits.

All courses are open to anyone anywhere in the country, and you do not need to apply only for the one closest to you. Where applicants live is not taken into account when allocating places.

The cost of the course (including meals) is £20, payable in advance. Please note that the course is heavily subsidised by LWN, and that the course fee is subject to periodic review.

We welcome applications from all women members of the Labour Party, regardless of whether they are also LWN members or not, but those who are not should note that they will be required to join should they be accepted.

At the end of the application form you will see a diversity moitoring survey. It would be extremely helpful if you would complete this, so that we can continue to collect and publish diversity data about our trainees as well as take appropriate steps to ensure that our training is open and accessible to all our members and, where relevant, all women members of the Labour Party.

Our training courses happen throughout the year, and we deal with the administration of each training course in date order.  This may mean that you do not hear from us until closer to your chosen training date.  We attempt to let you know whether or not you have been allocated a place with at least 4 weeks notice, but in some cases this may be shorter. Any queries should be emailed to

* 1. Personal and contact details

* 2. Date of Birth

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* 4. Labour Party Membership Number

* 5. Are you a member of a trade union? If so, please specify which.

* 6. Have you been, or are you now, any of the following?

* 7. Which of the following Labour Party posts or jobs do you hold (or have you held)?

* 8. Course Dates

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* 9. Please specify any dietary requirements. (e.g., vegetarian)

* 10. Do you have a disability? Please note that all our courses are held in accessible venues, and that we make every effort to ensure that the needs of disabled participants are met.

* 11. Please write a personal statement telling us why you think you are suitable for this training. Include anything about your activities, experience or interests - political or otherwise - that you think is relevant. Please note that this section is very important in helping us to decide whether or not to allocate you a place, so do not leave it blank.

* 12. Please let us have the contact details for two currently active members of the Labour Party who can act as your referees. At least one of these should be an office-holder in a Labour Party branch, constituency party or Local Campaign Forum, or be a local Labour councillor, MP or MEP. Please note that we may contact at least one of your referees before deciding whether or not to offer you a place on the course, so make sure that they know that you have given us their contact details.

* 13. To validate your application, please read the statement below and tick the box to show that you have read and understood it. If you do not do this, your application will not be considered.