We have recently completed repair works at your home.

Please take a few moments to answer these questions to help us monitor and improve our service.

* 1. Please detail which work/s that have been completed at your property:

* 2. Did the contractor make an appointment?

* 3. If Yes, did the contractor keep to their appointment?

* 4. Were you satisfied with the way your repair request was handled by the Lincs Rural team in our office?

* 5. Did the contractor clear away any mess/left over materials?

* 6. Were you satisfied with the conduct of the contractor?

* 7. How many times did the contractor visit to complete the repair? 

* 8. Overall how would you rate your repair?

* 9. To enable us to keep our records up to date please enter your contact details below:

* 10. How can we improve for you the services provided by Lincs Rural including repairs, rent payment, provision of advice/information and your ability to get involved with the Association?

Thank you for completing this survey, from the Lincs Rural team.