Thank you for your interest in our Level the Table Grant Scheme.
Please read the information below before continuing.

Table Tennis England are pleased to open applications for our grant scheme, which seeks to support organisations in creating opportunities for people to participate in table tennis. Organisations can apply for between £250 - £2,500, with grants over £1,500 being split into two separate payments unless rationale can be provided for one single payment.

Who is the Grant for?
The below organisations can apply for a maximum of £2,500;
  • Premier Clubs
  • Leagues
  • County Associations
The below organisations can apply for a maximum of £1,000;
  • Associate Clubs
  • Youth Clubs
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Local or National Partners of Table Tennis England
  • Community Groups*
  • Licensed Coaches**
  • Schools***
Please note that this is a maximum amount that you could be awarded. When reviewing applications, Table Tennis England will award what we feel is an appropriate amount based on your project and application. If you have a project that would exceed the maximum allowance at either level of funding and you can demonstrate how it would make a significantly strong impact, please contact to discuss your project. Table Tennis England will then advise if we would accept an application above the maximum allowance.

*Community groups must have their own bank account and provide opportunities in a community space.

**For a licensed coach to receive funding directly, they must have an appropriate mechanism for the grant to be paid, for example if self-employed, evidence will need to be provided of your self-employed status. You must also show how projects are sustainable and does not rely solely on just one person.
***Schools must establish community activity, for example the grant will not pay for equipment or coaching solely for curriculum activity, but would support costs to establish a new community group using the school facilities.