We want your help to support others.

Leapers.co is a community and support group for anyone who wants to work differently. We're conducting research to understand the state of mental health within the freelance community, and would love for you to be involved.

We'll be using the data to inform how we can better support independent workers, including creating resources, guides, tools, and lobbying organisations to do more for their freelance talent.

We will be sharing our insights with the community at large, so everyone can benefit from understanding the challenges freelancers and independent workers face with regards to their mental health.

If you'd like to understand more about the project before you start or have any questions about how we'll use the data, please visit http://leapers.co/huru

Please note: Your answers are completely anonymous. Any information collected will be shared aggregated (i.e. not individual records, but overall as a group of responses).

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* 1. Are you happy to provide anonymous data on your working habits, relationship with mental health, and related information, which will be held by Leapers (a non profit community organisation), and and shared in aggregated reports publicly? This data will be stored on the SurveyMonkey platform and may be held across multiple geographic regions, and will be retained in individual form for no longer than 12 months.

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