It would be great if you can do this quick survey about how the Liberal Democrat internal party elections have been conducted, especially given the problems with some votes being cancelled and the online voting system not being reliably available for a period of time.

I will feed in the results of this survey to the post-election review that is always carried out - as well as pushing to ensure that review is a comprehensive exercise which properly learns the lessons from what has gone wrong this time around.

I may follow up with you on your responses, but if you have any immediate needs to get your vote sorted, please contact the Returning Officer on elections@libdems.org.uk.

I will publish the results of this survey, but all individual responses will be kept confidential. If any comments are quoted, they will be kept anonymous and the use of the survey data is covered by my privacy policy.

Many thanks for your time; your views will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Mark Pack
(Editor, Liberal Democrat Newswire and candidate for Liberal Democrat President)

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