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* 10. Deal value. Local currency is preferred. Please specify currency and state whether the value is public or confidential. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT PUBLISH DEALS IN OUR DAILY BRIEFING WITHOUT KNOWING THE VALUE. Even if it’s confidential, we need to check it is within the range we normally cover. WE WILL NOT PUBLISH ANY CONFIDENTIAL VALUES. If you do not want to enter the value here, you can send it in a separate email to briefing@latinlawyer.com after you have completed this form.

* 11. If the deal is low in value, but you believe it should be considered for individual reporting because of its legal complexities, please explain why here.

* 12. Deal description. Here please include a brief summary of the transaction, including companies involved, any relevant information and points of interest, such as legal complexities. You can also include quotes from lawyers working on the transaction - just remember to provide the name of the lawyer speaking.

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