We are developing an online service to help older people and those closest to them do a better job of managing money and safeguarding against excess charges and fraud. Few companies focus on older people, their carers and their specific needs but we want to change that.
The aim of this survey is to understand your thoughts, attitudes and usual practice regarding your loved one's personal finances so we can understand what is really important to you. We want to create something that speaks to them and you and gets the job done right. To achieve this we want to involve you in the development process from day one. Throughout the survey, assume the broadest definition of carer. If you help your loved one in any way be that by checking in by phone / in person, picking up groceries or helping manage their money, this is seen as care.

* 1. Are you a carer of an older person? (Definition of carer can include physical help, personal care, help with care services and benefits, help with financial matters, taking your loved one out, providing company / oversight or practical help (meals, laundry shopping.)

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What is your relationship status?

* 4. Do you have a child / children?

* 5. How does the older person you care for live?

* 6. What are their sources of income?

* 7. How many bank accounts or credit cards do you believe they currently have (including savings accounts/ISAs, private pensions)?

* 8. Who is the main financial decision maker when it comes to their finances?

* 9. Does the older person have mental capacity to make financial decisions themselves?

50% of survey complete.