Renewables Survey 2019

In November this year, JLL published “Tracking Renewables Investors Into The Wild”, where we investigated the impact that reduced government subsidies worldwide has had on our investor clients, and where they are investing now.

We grouped investor behaviour into five broad categories (the ‘Big Five’) namely adaptation, migration, evolution, hibernation, and reinvention.

Adaptation - diversifying into different renewable energy investments which still benefit from subsidies.
Migration - remaining in the core expertise group, but moving into a new country or jurisdiction which has subsidies or improved economics.
Evolution - accepting that it is now possible to build mature technologies such as wind and solar without subsidies.
Hibernation - investing in different types of assets altogether until either subsidies return or other forms of price stabilisation arise.
Reinvention - fundamental change of business model into related technologies, e.g. iDNO, EV, electricity supply.

Throughout 2019 we will be investigating each of these in more detail and we'd like to understand your views on the market.  We'd be grateful for your response below.  The data will be used completely anonymously.

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* 1. How would you categorise your interest in renewables and infrastructure?

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* 2. At what stage does your company usually invest?

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* 3. Which character of behaviour (from the JLL article) do you think MOST matches your plans for 2019?

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* 4. How much does your company expect to invest in 2019 compared to 2018?