Ealing Council has been redeveloping South Acton Estate as part of a regeneration programme for a number of years. The council has appointed Acton Gardens (a joint development between London & Quadrant and Countryside Housing) as developer partner, to carry out all future phases of regeneration at South Acton.

There will be enough new homes built at South Acton to allow most people to stay living in the area, should they wish to. This will include a mixture of 1-4 bedroom homes managed by London and Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q). The regeneration of the estate will be split into a number of phases over the next several years. JEROME TOWER is scheduled as the next phase  for redevelopment and will need to be vacated by the spring of 2021.

This survey should take you about 20-30 minutes to complete. Your completed assessment will help the council to rehouse you.

Should you fail to give correct information, the council may have difficulty in rehousing you in a property or area you may desire.

All questions marked with an asterix (*) are compulsory.

This housing needs assessment is being carried out by the council to understand your rehousing requirements well in advance of your block's future demolition. It will gather information about your household so that the new homes being built can be tailored to the needs of your family.

You will have two options for your onward move:

1. Express a preference for a new build Acton Gardens property in phases 6.2 (former site of Charles Hocking House), 9.1 (former site of Bennett & Webb Courts) or 9.2 (former site of Buchan House)


2. Move to another council/housing association home in an area of your choice, either within Ealing or in another part of West London via the choice based lettings scheme called LOCATA.
Should you decide to move away from South Acton Estate via LOCATA, you will be awarded priority.

Band B – 12 months before Ealing Council requires your home for demolition

Band A – 6 months before Ealing Council requires your home for demolition

If you choose to move into one of the new homes being built at South Acton, you will be “pre-allocated” one of the new properties whilst they are being built, which will allow you to make choices about your new home and watch it being built.

You will be allocated a home suitable for the size of your current household and will be given a package of compensatory payments regardless of the option you choose.

Further information can be found at www.yoursouthacton.co.uk
For independent advice on any issues connected with the regeneration programme, please contact:

Keith Mann, the Independent Tenant Advisor (ITA), either by calling  01732 522740 or 07836 233891. Alternatively you can send an email to keith.m@pep.org.uk

If you require any help filling out this form or have any queries please contact :

Peter Smith - Regeneration and Decant Coordinator on 020 8992 0177/ SmithPe@ealing.gov.uk


Kuldip Mann – Regeneration Officer on 020 8992 0177/ MannK@ealing.gov.uk