By completing this survey you will be helping a study being conducted by the Angling Trust and University College London looking into where anglers are fishing both in the UK and abroad, and anglers awareness of invasive non-native species which impact angling waterbodies.

The findings of this work will be used to improve the information available to anglers on invasive species and inform our ongoing work in this area to assist fishing venues, clubs and individuals in invasive species prevention and control.

Please note that your participation in this survey is completely anonymous. The questions posed in the survey will not allow individuals to be identified. The questionnaire should take around 15 minutes to complete.

We would like to consider your activities before the Covid-19 restrictions/lockdown when responding to this survey.

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* 3. Please enter the first three or four digits of your postcode (This will enable us to estimate how far different water users travel to take part in their activities. Using the first 3-4 digits will not reveal your home location to us, only the general area that you live in.)

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