Hello and welcome to the Inclusion Grants application form.

Please do read the information below carefully to give yourself the best chance of making a successful application.

Inclusion Grants - who are they for?

Inclusion Grants are for deaf children and young people aged 5-18 years living in the UK. By ‘deaf’ we mean any level of hearing loss from mild to profound. Applicants should be members of the National Deaf Children's Society.

What do they cover?

Typically Inclusion Grants go towards the cost of events, activities and courses. Examples include after-school clubs, sports clubs, BSL courses and swimming lessons. They can also contribute towards the cost of items a young person needs to attend, such as football kit or educational resources. 

What don't we cover?

We're sorry but we do not fund electronic equipment (eg: laptops, iPads, phones), or hearing tech (eg: radio aids). 

How do we make a decision?

We welcome applications that show a clear social or emotional benefit to the child or young person. We may prioritise applicants with lower incomes and more complex needs.

How do we pay the grants?

We make payments directly to the person, organisation or business that provides the service (eg: school, football club, Scout Association, recreation centre). We are not able to make payments directly into your bank account. 

We cannot pay travel expenses up front but sometimes we can arrange to reimburse you. 

When will I hear?

Please allow plenty of time. We aim to acknowledge your application within 3 weeks and make a decision within 6 weeks. 

Further information and links
If you’d like to discuss an application or have any other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. You an email us at inclusion.grants@ndcs.org.uk.

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