Welcome to the inSSIght Smart Systems Baseline Survey

The H2020 programme inSSIght aims to support and complement R&I activities in the Smart Systems Integration (SSI) sector by promoting industrial co-operation and facilitating end-user adoption for the next generations of miniaturised smart objects and systems.
Smart Systems are self-sufficient intelligent systems or subsystems with advanced functionality, enabled by underlying micro- nano- bio-systems and other components.  They are highly reliable autonomous systems, often miniaturised, sometimes networked, that are able to sense, diagnose, describe, qualify and manage a given situation.

Smart Systems contain intelligence (a Knowledge Base) that helps differentiate them from systems which, although they may be automated, remain purely reactive.

Previous projects have revealed the immense breadth of Smart Systems in their technology demands, application sectors, business ramifications, provider and user communities, and have commenced the task of joining all these aspects for concerted action.

For more information see:
     Smart Systems Video
     Smart Systems Knowledge Gateway - information, articles and players

     The inSSIght Website: inSSIght.eu

Building on the above, and supporting the strategic activities of the European Technology Platform for Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS), the role for inSSIght is to strengthen and implant this understanding.
A team of 18 organisations from SSI-related clusters, research institutes and industries will define and undertake actions to unlock and exploit innovation opportunities, provide practice-oriented support to the SSI ecosystem and underline the vital position of SSI as a Key Enabling Technology for competitive advantage and future innovation.
They will champion the enabling role of Smart Systems as building blocks in sectors with high potential for growth and high return on investment, such as IoT, Industry 4.0, electric mobility, automated driving, smart medical devices etc.
This work aims to impact all actors in the SSI Ecosystem - see below

SSI Ecosystem Diagram

SSI Ecosystem Diagram
To allow the team to focus on the key opportunities and issues we are seeking input from across the ecosystem.  During July and August we will be conducting an on-line survey, one-on-one meetings and telephone interviews.

The understanding gained will help direct the project activity and maximise the impact/benefit for the Smart Systems Sector.  We will analyse the information and produce a report on the results - please be assured that all published information will be anonymised.

Please complete this survey to the best of your ability.

This survey is divided into a number of sections that focus on specific information:

Section 1 - details of the organisation completing the survey
Section 2 - actions to strengthen the sector through collaborations
Section 3 - actions to strengthen the sector through international activity
Section 4 - details of challenges, drivers and opportunities
Section 5 - actions to attract new players to Smart Systems
Section 6 - actions to promote Smart Systems
Section 7 - details of transferring technologies between sectors

There are a total of 37 questions and the full survey will take 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

If you would like one of the team to contact you to discuss your input in more detail - please indicate on the survey or for
 further information of the data collection exercise please contact either:

      Nigel Rix          - nigel.rix@ktn-uk.org
      Juan Goenaga - jmgoenaga@ikerlan.es

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