Deadline for applications: 10 Jan 2016

Preparatory meeting 1: 18-20 Feb 2016, Budapest, Hungary (Arrivals 17/02 & Departures late 20/02)

Preparatory meeting 2: 16 - 17 Apr 2016 Budapest, Hungary (Arrivals 16/04)

Study Session: 18-22 Apr 2016 (Departures 23/04)

Prep team applicants need to confirm their availability for all above dates.

IGLYO is proud to announce a call for three prep team members of the study session "I” Have Rights. The event is kindly supported by the Council of Europe.

In 2013, the Council of Europe’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Unit published a report titled ‘An insight into respect for the rights of trans and intersex children in Europe’ which highlights that intersex children often undergo ‘normalising procedures’ which are not necessary for health reasons, but aim to ensure the child’s physical body fits better with traditional notions of sex. To stop these unnecessary and often highly traumatic procedures, there needs to be a dramatic shift in cultural norms, which relate to gender and the body. IGLYO is keen to make intersex the focus of several activities, so it can build its own knowledge on the subject, raise the awareness and capacity of its members, and become leading advocates for intersex youth rights.

The specific objectives of the study session will be:

Develop a strong understanding of the issues faced by intersex children and young people
Build support and solidarity for intersex rights across the LGBTQ movement
Gain an insight into the intersex movement and how it has developed
Explore how LGBTQ organisations can work to better include intersex people/issues in their work
Create a campaign/resource to raise awareness of intersex rights

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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. Please describe any relevant experience you have in relation to the topic of intersex

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* 3. Please describe any relevant experience for being a prep team member for this event (This could include event planning, facilitation and presenting, non-formal education and providing support to participants)?

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* 4. Why do you want to be part of the preparatory team and what do you hope to gain from this experience? We would like to especially encourage intersex activists to apply, so please feel free to elaborate on your connection to this topic.

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* 5. Please confirm that you are available for all dates mentioned above

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* 6. If you have any accessibility or additional requirements, please let us know about them here.

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* 7. Please let us know what IGLYO events have you participated in.

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* 8. Please write here anything else you would like to add. 

Thank you for your application!