The Institute of Osteopathy, AGM 2019


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* 1. Please complete this form if you cannot attend and vote in person at the iO AGM to be held on Friday, 1 November 2019, 17.15 pm at The Renaissance, London Heathrow Hotel, Bath Road Hounslow, United Kingdom, TW6 2AQ

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* 2. Being a member of the Institute of Osteopathy, I duly appoint the below to act as my proxy at the AGM to be held on Friday, 1 November 2019 and to vote on behalf as indicated overleaf in respect of the resolutions (or, failing his or her attendance at the meeting, the Chairman of the Meeting).
[You need not indicate how your proxy should vote if you are content to leave it to his or her discretion. For example leaving the following pages completely blank would give your proxy (Chairman of the meeting or other) power to vote as he or she sees fit after hearing any discussion at the AGM.]  

1.       All iO members whose membership subscriptions are up to date are entitled to vote at the AGM.
2.       This form of Proxy must be received by the Institute of Osteopathy no later than 48 hours before the time fixed for the AGM
3.       If you use this proxy form to vote, you may still attend the AGM and if you do so this proxy is automatically revoked.
4.       The person you choose as your proxy has to be a member of the Institute

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* 3. Please indicate your vote to the Ordinary Resolutions

  For Against Abstain
Ordinary Resolution 1: To receive the minutes of the AGM held on 12 October 2018
Ordinary Resolution 2: To receive and adopt the Annual Report of the Directors and the Accounts for the year ended 31 May 2019
Ordinary Resolution 3: To re-appoint Hacker Young as Auditors and authorise the Council to fix their remuneration
Ordinary Resolution 4: To authorise the Council to fix the date, time and place of the next AGM
Ordinary Resolution 5: To elect Susan Farwell as President of the Institute of Osteopathy

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* 4. Ordinary Resolution 6: To elect two members of Council and Director (you may vote for up two candidates)
[The supporting statements of these candidates can be found here]

Please ensure that the form is signed and dated on page 1, then returned via email to the Institute of Osteopathy by post at FAO AGM 2019, The Institute of Osteopathy, 3 Park Terrace, Manor Road, LUTON, LU1 3HN, or by email at, or completed online at by 5.15pm on Wednesday 30 October, 2019

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* 5. Please complete below to validate your proxy voting form: